where to from here? context on my strategy bets for 2020

Context for my strategy bets have to do with localism, social infrastructure, tools and weapons, monetization of data, inequality, imperfection, education, wealth creation and law, evolution, game theory, automation, trauma, information asymmetries, misinformation, aging, attention, homelessness, hearing, American history, tap dance, poetry, debt, the Blues, the Delta, rural towns, sorting, forgetting, market failures, resilience, leaderless organization, liberal arts, longitude, critical thoughtfulness, class, and common language.

I believe that that the collision of an aging population, student debt, job loss due to automation, and climate change will cause enormous strains on civil society. These stresses will be further exacerbated by inequality, injustice, historical traumas, misinformation, miscommunication, divided neighborhoods, and absent social infrastructure. 

Financial instruments that support collaboration among underemployed market participants will gain traction. Eventually, consumer data markets will emerge and provide a powerful vehicle of wealth and opportunity for those who have access to them. These markets will empower abuse and terrorist financing as well. Investment in both social and data infrastructure are needed in order to make data markets safer for consumers. 

The emergence of safe, strong consumer data markets is blocked by technical gaps in data accounting & accountability. Knowledge gaps in data literacy and shallow social infrastructure make misinformation attacks highly effective and extremely dangerous in the near term. Talent gaps due to unequal access to arts and science education will further perpetuate wealth and income inequality. Left unaddressed, these technical, knowledge, and talent gaps will have profound impacts on the wealth, healthcare, safety, and happiness of both future and current generations.

I will share my strategy bets that follow this context shortly.

In the meantime, please get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

Photo by Jarosław Kwoczała on Unsplash

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